Thyroid Disease – Letter to Friends and Family.


It has been some time since I've posted anything.  I've been diagnosed with numerous health problems and a few weeks ago I had an MRI, regarding old injuries about to neck fusions and disk injury, but … [Read more...]

SALE!! 80% Discount: La Dream Earring by Josefina de Alba – $15.45 S&H Included!


  SALE!! 80% OFF!! These La Dream Earrings by Josefina de Alba is now on sale for only $10.50.  Retail for $52.00. Shipping only $2.95 Details: Materials: Glass … [Read more...]

SALE!! Opensky: Nakamol Diamond Shape Beaded Bracelet- $12.45 S&H Included


  This beautiful Nakamol Diamond Shape Beaded Bracelet is on SALE and available to you in red and blue.    On Sale for only $9.50 - Retail for $47 (Discount 80%) Shipping only … [Read more...]

Opensky: Silver Tiny Infinity Necklace – $32 with Free Shipping


  Silver Tiny Infinity Necklace This sterling silver infinity necklace is handmade and hand hammered for durability. It's perfectly petite and dainty. Materials: Sterling … [Read more...]

Opensky: Carmen in Happy Stack Bracelet – $58 with Free Shipping


  Happiness in a bracelet!! Beautiful Carmen in Happy Stack Bracelet.Every Funk and Fabulous jewel is 100% hand-made, for women, with love and passion, out of a small studio in Miami, Fl so … [Read more...]

Opensky: Coral Reef SunSandals $17.99 S&H Included


  Coral Reef SunSandals. Beautiful turquoise stones with green, blue and silver beading accents, strewn on a high quality cording. Can be worn with or without flip … [Read more...]

Printable Coupons for the week

  SAVE $5.00 on ANY Nicorette® Lozenge 72 ct or larger, NicoDerm®CQ® 14 ct or larger or Nicorette® Gum 100 ct or larger SAVE $1.00 on THREE Kellogg's Krave®,Frosted Flakes®,Kellogg’s® Apple … [Read more...]

Tomato Chutney


  Chutney brings an amazing flavor to food.  It is a tasty sauce that is use as a condiment, often compounded of both sweet and sour ingredients, as fruits and herbs, with spices and other … [Read more...]

Garlic Ring Bread topped with Onions, Bacon, Yellow Peppers, Mushrooms and Cheese.


  I love bread, especially when it something so interesting that you just cannot turn your back on it.  I found this amazing bread at the logic grocery store while I was in South Africa.  They … [Read more...]

Traditional Pumpkin Fritters – Yellow Squash.


Spring is here and many of us like to plant our own veggies. What is tastier than homegrown veggies, but boy at times we can be ‘stuck’ with an abundance and what then? One of my friends asked me for … [Read more...]

Flatbread with Ham, Feta, Cheddar, with a dash of Color


A few days ago I was wondering what am I going to do with all that leftover ham. My mind was going back and forth and then I thought I want to try something different, I am going to fry it. I cut … [Read more...]

Crock-Pot BBQ Pit Deluxe Slow Cooker w/Rib Rack & Recipe Book $96.64 S&H Included


Here we have a crock pot where we can do our brisket, ham, stews, and so many other dishes in while we at work, while we out running our errands and so much more. Crock-Pot BBQ Pit Deluxe Slow … [Read more...]

Mocubo (Bamboo) Cutting Board with 3 Drawers (Storage) by Quirky $52.95 S&H Included


What is Mise en Place? In French is just means 'setting in place'. It is to have all your ingredients sliced, diced, and set in place, and entail little bowls where you can store you chopped … [Read more...]

Save $$ – Seal Your Lettuce in a Jar


How many times have you bought lettuce, baby spinach, arugula, and/or spring mix used it once and then after a few days it was all soggy, wilted and just disgusted. Money down the drain! NOOO…. not … [Read more...]

Spinach and Mango Yogurt infused with Banana

Frozen mango chunks

We all know that yogurt 'loaded' with vitamin A, magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, riboflavin, zinc, and thiamin, phosphorus. Those nutrients are important especially for women daily. I have dug deep … [Read more...]